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    Installed new intel (Pro) Wireless 2200bg; but then asked for this ....


      I downloaded and installed the correct driver for my Toshiba Tablet which is in the title of this message.  It then asked me to install the executalbe file sr10prosetutil.exe.  It unzips correctly and starts to install but then comes up with the "Error - Missing Sub-feature definition for [COMMENTS]"  What does this mean?  I am trying to correct a problem with the wireless performance that poses a degredation of the speed from 54Mbps and gets slower with use.  Several years ago I installed a file that someone pointed me to that I had to go to a German website for Toshiba to get.  It corrected the problem.  Recently I did a factory restore and so that file/knowledge was lost.  Does anyone know why I get this message from this 2nd file I have to install before the new driver will corrrectly work?  I have 2 other laptops that can sit right next to it and they never degrade.  Thanks so much, jack