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    Two Intel desktops, one "igfx was restored" problem. Can we say that both of cpus just broken itself?


      First of all, Hello to everyone who is here! My name is Yuri and I wan't to discuss the problem I met. I have two desktop computers, both running with Intel (r) cpus, windows 10586 with last updates and their integrated intel hd series adapters. First one is Haswell refresh, 4690k and this week I built a Skylake one, with G4500. I tried everything. Just litterally, tons of drivers, beta and non-beta, updating mb bios, different mb bios settings for igpu part, like dvmt memory and other settings. Haswell computer's adapter won't letting me to enable CMAA. Any game starting to freeze, then unfreeze. Again freeze, then unfreeze. And then it's just completely frozen until I end it's process manually in taskmgr. Skylake's one is okay with CMAA but won't letting me to enable any MSAA level in any game. At first, things going up just like with haswell, but sometimes in the end I'm recieving a BSOD with video_scheduler_internal_error. So, question is, in unsolutionable situation like this, can we say that both cpu's I bought just broken inside itself? May I go to the shop and ask for replace?


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