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    Error: Grsec: denied use of ioperm()


      Issue Description


      User tried to port some Linux drivers on IDP3.1 with grsecurity. But the application would be crash in calling the "inb" I/O Port function.

      Error Message: Grsec: denied use of ioperm()


      Disable grsecurity to protect I/O functions ( ex: inb, inw, outb ...)

      Set CONFIG_GRKERNSEC_IO=n in your kernel config.

      Symbol: GRKERNSEC_IO [=y]
      ¦ Type : boolean
      ¦ Prompt: Disable privileged I/O


      Test Result

      Result after disabling GRKERNSEC_IO:-

      Last Validated Info:

      IDP Version: 3.1

      RCPL: 0013

      Device: DK300