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    GFX Module fail (Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool)


      Hi everyone!


      Everytime I assambly a PC or laptop with Intel technology, I ran the "IPDT" and always with positives results.

      Today I ran it and it throws me an error on: "GFX Module Test: INDETERMINATE".

      Does anyone saw this before? Does anyone know how to fix it?.




      This is my configuration:

      • MB: Asrock H81M-HG4 (BIOS up to date)
      • i7-4771
      • 8GB DDR3 1600mhz
      • Windows 10 SL x64
      • PSU Thermaltake TR2 600W


      The weird thing is that this error only appears with processors i7-4771 and i5-4460 but if I use a Celeron G1840 or a Pentium G3250 the test finish OK.


      Result from IPDT:


      GFX Module Test

      Module Version:

      Start Time: Thu Jun 09 12:30:28 2016

      GFX Module Test: INDETERMINATE

      End Time: Thu Jun 09 12:30:28 2016

      Total Time:  seconds: 0




      Thanks in advance!!

      best regards;