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    NUC5i5MY - In Ubuntu 16.04, using tpm2.0-tools from Intel's 01org, how do we use the TPM to sign a file?


      Need help with TPM 2.0 key configuration for a NUC5i5MY running Ubuntu 16.04, using tpm2.0-tools from Intel's 01org.

      I was able to make a primary key, but I haven't had luck with a signing key yet...


      sudo apt-get install tpm2-tools
      sudo resourcemgr


      Intel's software is the one that comes in Ubuntu by default: tpm2-tools in the package manager or online at https://github.com/01org/tpm2.0-tools


      I need to check the spec again, but from what I remember, the first thing you need to do
      is take ownership, then create a primary key, then a signing key.  


      OR can anyone recommend an alternative to Intel's tpm2.0-tools - know of an implementation of the tools for 2.0?