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    Intel HD Graphics 5500 in HP Spectre x360 convertible issue


      When I scroll from one picture to another in Windows Essentials Photo Capture1.JPGCapture2.JPG

      Gallery parts of the preceding picture come along and appear with the picture. Included with this note are two examples. This only occurs when scrolling from left to right. In the other direction this doesn't occur.


      I have asked the Microsoft Community and have not received a working solution. There was one post from another user (new Dell PC) with the same issue and no solution.

      Uninstalling / reinstalling Photo Gallery didn't work. Returning my PC software to its original out of the box state didn't work either. The HP technicians on line were unable to fix the issue, and neither were their counterparts in Tennessee where I sent my PC to be fixed.


      The issue doesn't appear on my HP Pavilion i7 desktop,  HP DM4t laptop, or Microsoft Surface Pro.


      The HP Spectre x360 convertible is running Windows 10, 8 gb ram, 500 gn HD, Intel Core i7-5500 cpu @ 2.40 GHz. The Intel HD Graphics 5500 driver is v dated 1/25/16.


      The issue is very annoying.


      Your help would be welcomed.