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    CIFS support on Edison


      As much as I am in love with this device I find myself spending more time fighting to get the machine to do things I need as apposed to programming my project.  I have a need and a desire to connect the Edison to use a samba share.  I want to do this to make it easier to move data between the devices.  I also wanted to take advantage of being able to use my Linux File server as a store location for my application.


      I know the user base for this device is small, and it is up to us to help improve the product.  I plan on being a big part of that seeing that I have several long term commercial products I plan on producing using this device.  However, it is frustrating as heck to not be able to do a simple search and get info to help you out.


      Now that my rant is over, let me explain my issue.


      I think a person here has produced a repository that contains a CIFS kernel module.  I followed the instructions to be able to use this repository.  Next I found what I believe is the correct package for the CIFS module. opkg install kernel-module-cifs


      I installed it, rebooted the device, attempted to mount my share.

      mount -t cifs VengNas.local/PiShare /mnt/VengNas


      I receive this error.


      mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on VengNas.local/PiShare,
             missing codepage or helper program, or other error
             (for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might
             need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program)

             In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
             dmesg | tail or so.


      After checking dmesg I see the following

      [   16.101838] wl_bss_connect_done succeeded with c0:3f:0e:8c:78:2a

      [   16.193759] wl_bss_connect_done succeeded with c0:3f:0e:8c:78:2a

      [   16.412254] FS-Cache: Loaded

      [   16.426447] FS-Cache: Netfs 'cifs' registered for caching

      [   16.427085] Key type cifs.spnego registered

      [   16.427147] Key type cifs.idmap registered

      [   16.428287] Unable to determine destination address.


      I notice that I have an error, Unable to determine destination address.  I verified that I could ping the machine VengNas.local, I could.

      I then used the IP address.  I received the same error from mount and nothing new in dmesg.


      At this point I am stuck and I can find no relevant information on how to get this working.  I suspect I need to "bake" a new OS.  If this is the case then I am screwed as I do not know how to do this process.  Is anyone able to help point me in the right direction?