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    (NUC6i5SYK) no usb on migrated installation


      overview: after purchasing an NUC6i5SYK to avoid loosing data and settings from current htpc i decided to clone the current machine. as the old one was not even ahci and disk partiotion was MBR i first had to overcome the STOP 0X0000005A (related to acpi). as bios upgrade didnt do the trick and as no special acpi settings were visible n the bios i decided to move to UEFI but as the disk was in MBR it was not recognized so i had to convert the disk to GPT and then add missing UEFI partition and data pointers for the proper boot process. that being done i got the classic STOP 0x0000007b which is classic wrong sata setup. as the old machine didnt support ahci just atapi i had to inject the ahci driver via recovery console but that didnt do the trick (i am not sure why) but after thinking of alternative solution i decided to use the raid setup which meant injecting the iastore.sys. that being done windows finally started and got to the glorious login screen but didnt have any drivers to fit the unrecognized hardware so i injected from recovery again both the intel usb3 host controller driver (from the NUC6i5SYK driver download page) and the usb 3 driver. once i rebooted still no kb or mouse so i decided to try and add the LAN driver hoping that might enable the driver autodiscovery agent to complete any missing driver i might have missed (as the intel chipset driver is packaged in a way you cannot extract inf, cat and sys files from it.


      actual question: i need a solution to either force the usb3 driver load at bootup (currently i couldnt see the iusb3*.sys files  being loaded when checked) or alternativly find a way to enable autologin from recovery console (as i cant edit the registry with any tool since they dont support GPT) and once i can login i can maybe push a powershell script to either force driver redetection or run an unattended usb3 driver installation.


      thanks in advance.


      p.s i am open to any relevant ideas other than mine.

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          If this HTPC is previous generation processor/chipset, the image isn't likely to work anyway. You are better off installing Windows and tools from scratch...

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            thanks for your response Scott but as a principal i dont opt for reinstalling unless its really unavoidable but in this case i overcame over 90% of the issue and if you didnt notice in my somewhat long overview of the process i got the image to finally load am just stuck at adding usb3 driver that will actually load by he loginscreen phase or find a solution to force autologin from reovery or advanced boot options. one way or another i am sure its resolvable and i aint close to giving up and reinstalling.


            kind regards.

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              well Scott, i love the taste ove success especially when i hear someone saying it cant be done!!!!

              to summ it up like i figured as neither network nor usb were working i had to find a solution that could be done offline. i enable autologin from the recovery console by loading the software registry hive and adding proper autologin configuration keys. once that was done i created a batch file that basically runs the usb3 installation unattended. once this was done i had o push the installation to the machine as well as put the batch in the statup.


              needless to say that now everything is working and i successfuly migrated my 10 years old machine to the new nuc fully working.


              many thanks to.. well me and i hope this helps someone out.


              p.s thanks scott for saying it aint likely to work anyway..


              cheers and good night.

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