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    Bluetooth and connection issue with Intel Network 7260.HMWG



      I recently upgraded my wireless network card on my Samsung Princeton NP300U1A. I was able to install the bluetooth driver and wireless driver successfully using version 18.6.1 and 18.40.0 respectively. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. The problem I am having is that when I first start my computer, the Bluetooth icon would appear on the bottom right and was able to detect bluetooth devices but after a few seconds, the detected devices will disappear and so the bluetooth icon at the bottom. There is no way that I could find it in the start program nor control panel for this bluetooth. Hence, bluetooth isn't working for me in this case. My wireless internet is working fine on 5 Ghz frequency but speed reduces from 130 Mbps to 65 Mbps when laptop is beyond 20ft away from router. My HP laptop would still get 130 Mbps but my Samsung laptop can only get 65 Mbps. Does anyone know if I get a faulty card? I was supposed to get the HMWG.R version but seller sent me the Non R version. I wonder if that is the problem. Here are some part# from my Intel 7260 card (TA: G94295-006, SPS: 710661-001 0F, WFM: 7C5CF8C4CB60, BDM: 7C5CF8C4CB64).


      If someone has the same issue and can share how you solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks.