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    Q8300 Temperatures, please help


      Hello guys,


      i have a quick question which is bothering me since the weather is getting hotter outside.


      I have a quad core q8300 cpu with a seperate cooler, so not the boxed one, and my temperatures in idle (completly idle) are this:

      CPU: 45

      Core0: 55

      Core1: 44

      Core2: 49

      Core3 50


      When i'm watching youtube videos:

      CPU: 57

      Core0: 63

      Core1: 59

      Core2: 57

      Core3: 58


      When i'm playing games (i'm setting my cpu cooler to 70% then):

      CPU: 60

      Core0: 65

      Core1: 64

      Core2: 62

      Core3: 61


      I already tried out the intel diagnotisc tool, also with the cooler at 70%, like i always do when it's on full load, and the temperatures are quite the same as when i'm playing, and it tells me at the end that everything is fine.

      But i just want to know if these temperatures are "perfect" for a longer time? Like, do they disturb the lifetime of my cpu? I'm a quite scared dude because i don't have so much money to buy a new cpu or something and i'm absolutly untalented with pc things like cleaning them, but i have a "dust-protection" in front of my front-cooler and it still seems to be okay. The age of the cpu should be ~6-7 years, i'm not 100% shure because i bought it from a friend in 2011.


      Thank you for any help


      Best regards,