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    DP45SG with HD 4870 X2  hasn't work


      Hello guys , i have a motherboard intel  DP45SG ( ready for Cross Fire) and today i bougth a  ATI Radeon HIS  HD4870 X2 , i has a ATI  HD3870  and when i install the new Video Card HD4870 X2  , dont apper video in my monitor , i test the video card in another Pc without a motherboard Intel and it works , look in the intel website , say "Full support of Next Generation ATI Crossfire " but Dont Work , I m using Windows 7 64bits Ultimate  , the problem is on Motherboard , now i want to know  how we can fix this issue ? And how intel go help me , because its a intel problem .

      And other think ,  in intel web site has a list of suported video cards , and etcs , this motherboard its for  CrossFire  and  the intel only test 1 ( ONE) video card ATI  , and all the other NVIDIA , i hope  the intel can fix  this as fast possibly .


      This isn't a isolated situation all guys with this motherboard has the same issue


      Sorry for my bad inglish , but i m a Braziliam guy