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    DP55WB - cable disconnected on wake up




      my board has difficulties to reconnect to the ethernet after waking up from (what I believe is) the sleep mode - after waking up the connection is always lost, the XP network driver reports "cable disconnected" and I have to manually switch the link speed in the control panel of the network card to initialise the new negotioation of the link speed between the card and the switch.


      The  board is dp55wb, I have the latest Bios, the latest drivers, Windows XP SP3, Soundblaster Audigy in the PCI slot (yes, without the latest Bios I was not able to use the network at all becouse of probable conflict between the PCI soundcard and the PCIe memory space of the network card). The switch is D-Link DI-524UP, 100mbps full duplex capable.


      I will try to remove the soundcard again to see if this is not a regression of the PCI/PCIe memory mapping issue, and I will try to get another switch. Besides that, does anyone have an idea what to try? Some Bios misconfiguration?


      Thanks for any ideas.


      -- jan