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    Raid 5 shown as Failed, even though only 1 disk of 4 is gone.


      I have a RAID 5, consisting of 4 disks.

      1 disk is gone now, and the drive is registered as "failed"

      I expected to be able to rebuild to new disk, as this is the point of a RAID 5.

      I do not have that option??

      I can set the new disk as spare, but rebuilding does not begin because the RAID is "failed".

      There is also the "ghost" of the old disk, listed as missing, and I cannot remove it.


      So, how do I change RAID status to "degraded"?

      Otherwise, or most importantly, how do I force a rebuild to the new disk?

      And how do I get rid of the "ghost" disk.


      I have used both Intels RST (in a few different versions), and the ROM option without much luck.