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    HD 520 spinning mouse cursor is lowres on Windows 10


      I have a system with a Skylake i5-6200U CPU. 8GB of RAM and Windows 10. When I use the Intel Driver for the HD 520 graphics, the spinning mouse icons, the busy circle are rather lowres. Not that nice spinning wheel, more like an 8bit version of this.

      Unfortunately i cannot make a screenshot, because the mouse cursor disappears when i try to do so.


      However, when I uninstall the Intel driver, the mouse cursor looks much smoother and highres. Unfortunately Windows 10 forces the driver upon me next time i restart my computer.


      Other than that everything looks fine. I am not a gamer, I only play Deponia or DoT Remastered (adventures) that's about it. So it is not a show stopper, but my 5 year old Nvidia card in my old PC got better image quality on windows desktop.


      Any ideas what i could try?


      Thanks in advance


      Edit: Display is a full-HD iiyama 25" connected via HDMI


      I took a photo, hope it helps.