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    Xeon E5-2600 - is specified max bandwidth shared by the number of cores?




      I'm about to select a small cluster of Xeons for a calculation intensive application.


      I estimated that I need around 100 cores in order to have a calculation done in time.For this amount of cores my hardware supplier suggest buying 4 dual socket systems, filled with 12 or 14 core Xeons.


      I have a bit of space left in my rack. It seems to me that I can also purchase 6 dual socket systems, each filled with 8 or 10 core Xeons.


      When looking at the specs I can get 8, 10, 12, 14 core Xeons, each with a max bandwidth of 76.8 GB/s (9.6GT/s).


      Suppose all cores are working in an openmp team (group of threads) and need approximately the same bandwidth and amount of data.


      My question is:

      Is the bandwidth per core approximately (max bandwidth) / (number of cores)?


      If this is true, then a bandwidth sensitive operation would benefit from having less cores per cpu, right?


      I can imagine that the max bandwidth is number belonging to the memory controller. You may need a minimum of cores to saturate, in that case: what is the sweetspot?




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