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    Power Supply for E5300-DG41TY-Bundle


      Hi, I am building my own computer and I havent been able to find a power supply for E5300-DG41TY. I have spent time on the website looking over the power supplies but I am confused about all of the specifics. I found this power supply and it looks compatable.




      I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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          Hi what you need to checkl really is the following:


          Recommended Power Supply Current Values
          Output Voltage 3.3 V 5 V 12 V1 12 V2 -12 V 5 VSB
          Current 15 A 15 A 10 A 10 A 0.3 A 3.0 A


          I would say the one you have picked will be fine, just make sure it is from a good make, you now the antecs and what have you, not just some cheap no brand name, the PSU is VERY important!