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    i7 6700K random freezes in idle


      I have same issue with random freezes in idle as many others, here is my config:


      Intel Core i7-6700K

      Asus Maximus VIII Gene bios 1701

      SSD Intel 750 with Asus Hyperkit

      GeForce GTX 760

      64GB RAM Kingston

      Windows 10


      The PC passes all validation test, memory is ok (2 days in memtest with no error), it is perfectly stable in all stress tests.


      The random freezes occur daily when PC is idle, during browsing or video playback. I have 3 monitors, when freeze happens they display random color (like white on 1st, light blue on second, pink on third) and only hard reset is possible.

      I checked voltages in bios and there are so many that I got completely confused. I tried to increase CPU_PLL voltage from auto to some value slightly higher than standard (which is what BIOS displays in hint).

      I found in bios these items: CPU_PLL, Termination CPU_PLL, Internal CPU_PLL and Eventual CPU_PLL.

      Increasing them changed behaviour - approximately every 5 minutes nvidia display driver crashed, monitors went to same state as during freeze - random colors, but then windows recovered the driver and the PC did not freeze.

      I then increased the values a bit more and my windows 10 did no boot, so I loaded bios defaults and activated XMP memory profile.


      Now I see much higher voltages in HWINFO than before. CPU_PLL voltage was raised above 1.2V (previously 0.978), another increased voltages are System Agent Voltage, VCCMP, CPU Standby voltage and may be some other.

      After 1 hour the freeze happen again.


      BTW HWINFO shows CPU PLLs OC as 0.584V, this one did not change and I think it is wrong value.


      I built two other PCs with same memory and CPU, motherboard is Asus Z170M Plus, one with AMD graphics and Samsung SSD 950 Pro, other uses CPU graphics and Samsung NVMe SM951, both are perfectly stable.


      Any suggestions?

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