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    IOT Cloud Analytics Example




      I'am new to using the Intel Edison and have been running through the IOT Examples on the Eclipse IDE in C/C++, using the Arduino breakout board. Im trying to run the IOT Cloud Analytics Example but I can't get it working.


      I have gone through the steps in the guide below:


      Intel® IoT Platforms: Getting Started: Cloud Analytics | Intel® Software


      And can successfully send values from the terminal to the temperature component on my dashboard using:


      iokit-admin observation temperature "value"


      But when i try to send values using the UDP, i.e:


      echo -n '{"n": "temperature", "v": 21.0}' | nc -w1 41234


      I get the following message:


      BusyBox v1.22.1 (2016-03-08 12:09:34 PST) multi-call binary.


      Usage: nc [IPADDR PORT]


      I've tried a several things but just can't seem to get this working? Any help would be much appreciated.