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    WERA uncontrollable error


      Since building a system around the i5-6600 I have been experiencing fairly frequent system crashes. The error message it gives me is "WERA uncontrollable error". Before contacting you guys I did a lot of research trying to resolve issue myself. I'm going to list the most recommended things I've tried:


      1. verifying all components are installed correctly

      2. updating all drivers using the Intel driver update utility

      3. the CPU is not overclocked and unfortunately can't be (the voltage is also completely stock and to the recommended values)

      4. thermals are not a issue, the CPU is water cooled and has never gone above 40 C, it is currently idling at 26C.

      5. I have a 750 Watt power supply which is more than enough for my system

      6. I have reset my motherboard bios and verified I am running the most recent bios

      7. I have verified their are no bent or broken connections on the CPU or motherboard


      With all of this not having any effect on the issue I performed a fresh install of Windows 10 and all of my files to no avail. The CPU is less than a year old.