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    My prosessors clockspeed has decreased


      Hi. I have a Intel core 2 duo E8500 prosessor which I bought in a computer package about a year ago. Few months ago I inserted additional RAM memory to my computer but I didn't know they were faulty. Those RAM combs caused a windows bluescreen and when I restarted the computer I got a error message on start up. I can't recall what the message said excatly but it was something about overclocking failed and asked me to input new settings or restore factory settings. I had never overclocked my computer and I didn't know what settings to input so I chose the "restore factory settings" and after that the computer started up normally. There were no more problems after that but I was pretty sure that I noticed little decrease in my computer performance after that. At the time I didn't know the reason but recently I checked my prosessor with CPU-Z program and noticed interesting problem. The Intel core 2 duo E8500 should run at about 3GHz and have a 9.2 multiplier from FSB but my prosessor is at the moment running only at 2GHz and CPU-Z says the multiplier between FSB and prosessor clock is only 6. My FSB clock hasn't changed only the multiplier. How can I increase the multiplier to 9.2 and get my missing clock rates back?