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    NUC5CPYH freezes on logo screen when Huawei 3G USB dongle connected

    Jussi Alanärä

      Happens always atleast with Huawei E3131 HiLink model.


      My guess is that NUC tries to look for boot device from it because these dongles have some USB storage emulation for installing drivers in windows. Haven't been able to find BIOS settings that would overcome this problem, not even by disabling USB boot completely.


      With older NUCs this problem was solved when I disabled Legacy USB support in bios, doesn't work anymore. Problem looks similar than here DC53427HYE hangs at Intel bios logo when USB 3.0 DAS is connected


      Finally was able to overcome this problem by putting sdcard into Huawei as it has slot for it.


      So this is definitely a bug in bios. And just tried with latest bios (PY0054.bio) and it doesn't fix it.