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    NUC6i7KYK Windows 7 - USB 3 working while booted to installer, but no input when booted to Windows 7


      Initially I wasn't able to get keyboard/mouse input in the W7 installer, I was able to fix that and now have keyboard/mouse input in the installer, however after the computer reboots in the installation process, it then boots to the freshly installed Windows 7 and finishes the installation and configuration. At this point, I've lost Keyboard/Mouse input.


      I then used WAIK to inject the USB3 drivers into the boot.wim file for Windows 7 successfully, and reinstalled using that, but I still have the same issue. I know that W7 itself is responsive and the issue is isolated to unresponsive keyboard/mouse because the system completes the installation and gets to the "Set up user" screen, with the cursor blinking and waiting for input. The telltale sign of no mouse recognized (cursor stuck in top left corner) is there at this point, and was there in the Installer before I had got it working with USB 3.


      The system is listed as supporting Windows 7, but my question is- how? Has anyone else been able to successfully install Windows 7 that can provide me some guidance?

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