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    NUC617KYK Bios 0035 running RAID 0


      Can anyone here confirm running RAID 0 with the latest NUC version bios 0035 using 2 Samsung m.2 NVMe Pro 256 or 512 SATA drives? A friend of mine has tried multiple times based on some of the existing threads to get it to work but to no avail. I have a NUC coming and would like to do this if possible. We can get the RAID setup in the BIOS but Windows install will not see the drives. It just tries and tries to load the RST drivers from boot USB drive.


      BTW it does say in the Intel NUC spec manual that RAID 0 via PCIe is not possible but the forums seem to have some folks saying it can be done. Looking for clarification.


      Thank you for any help!