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    WIN 10 and IRST manager


      I have updated to WIN 10 but I have lost my IRST manager. My MBs are D975XBX2 and DX79SR. Both have IRST R-5 and are working but how do I "manage" the raid set?


      Thanks.    Cal

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          In the case of the SR board, I think you can install the latest versions of the Intel Rapid Storage Enterprise (RSTe) package. Unfortunately, since this board does not officially support Windows 10 (and no Windows 10 driver packages have been validated with it), you will not find the latest versions in a search of the Download Center for SR board drivers. You will have to find them elsewhere on the Download Center site (try searching for "Intel Rapid Storage Enterprise")...


          As for the BX2 board, it is so old that I rather doubt that the latest versions of the RSTe package will work on it. You can try...


          Hope this helps,



          Edit: Correction: BX2 board needs RST, not RSTe.

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            Hello, all:


            @ct, please refer to the previous post, N.Scott.Pearson provided the correct answer.