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    NPTM.CheckSelfTest Failed during Intel confidence test.




      I have one failure in my system when running the INTEL confidence test utility.

      • Specifically the NPTM.CheckSelfTest fails.
      • There are no other failures.


      Failure details are

      Self test result failed : expected 0x55h recv: 0x0280.

      Device specific 'internal' failure.

      Standard error code = 33701020



      Current bios version is

      - 86B.01.02.0001.111120150000


      I've installed an SP1200SPS motherboard with an Intel Zeon 1245 v5 cpu.

      The system loads fine, and I can install windows (at least I can reach the installation screen).


      Can I please check, do I need to return this motherboard for a replacement? or is this error related to some functionality not available on this specific model of the 1200 series?