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    NUC6i5SYK: Win 10 installs without "flight mode" in Settings; Can't enable/disable WiFi and Bluetooth via Settings



      does anyone have the same issue or even have a clue of how to solve this?

      I have installed Win10 several times on my NUC6i5SYK without any difficulties. The only issue I have is the missing possibility of enabling/ disabling WiFi and Bluetooth via Windows Settings/ the System-Tiles in the lower right corner of the main bar.

      1. I do not have the Icon "Flightmode" in Windows settings

      2. There is no On/Off switch in the settings menu for a) WiFi AND b) Bluetooth

      3. There is no Tile for "Flightmode" and "WiFi" in the Mainbar/ Notice area


      Why is that and can anybody provide solutions for this?


      @ Intel: There seem to be more people around with the same issue:

      Bluetooth- und WLAN Problem Desktop Computer - Microsoft Community

      Can you please provide for hints, solutions to this issue?

      Thank you!