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    Dell Latitude E7440 I5-4300U CPU stack a 0.8GHZ clocks




      I have the same problem exactly, it seems:

      1. Dell Latitude E7440

      2. Updated bios to the latest and - I think - then problems started

      3. Tried to downgrade back to the previous bios, but it was of no help

      4. specs: Windows 10 64, Dell E7440 with I5-4300U, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD.


      Error: CPU stack at 0.8GHZ, no matter what power plan I'm using

      It changes for a few seconds if I pull the power plug out, put the laptop to sleep, waking it up and connect to it to the AC again. It lasts for few seconds though


      Before I had this problem, I had a different problem - whenever the laptop was running, if I plugged it to the AC, it would halt. I would have to put it to sleep and waking it up and then it was ok again.