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    PCI-E M.2 RAID0 Skull Canyon- YES or NO??


      I'm rocking a Samsung 941 SSD, but I am interested in running two PCI-E M.2 SSDs in RAID0.  According to Toms Hardware, while the new OCZ RD400s cannot be RAIDed, the new Patriots CAN.  The new Patriots are faster (except IOPS) than my XS 1715 in my desktop.  3000MB/S read, 2200M/BS write (fastest single drive write I have seen).  I can only imagine RAIDing 2X and getting 5500 read and 4000 write! In a computer the size of my two hands put together.


      But I read a review online that says the NUC BIOS CANNOT RAID PCI-E M.2 SSDs.  It says it is only capable of RAIDING SATA M.2. devices.  Toms Hardware alluded to having already RAIDed 2X PCI-E M.2. SSDs.


      So which is true?


      Can I RAID 2X PCI-2 M.2. SSDs in BIOS and have it be bootable in Win 10 with the Skull Canyon NUC?


      Will I have to add a driver during Windows setup?  If so, where do I find that driver?

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