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    Attaching a HDTV to the Mobile  965 chipset


      Hi folks.


      I'm running Win 7 64-bit on a Toshiba Equium laptop. I have a Sharp Aquos 20 in HDTV connected as a secondary monitor, for watching film etc.


      Problem is that, although the Intel software (and I have the latest version) recognises the resolution of the screen & is outputting it fine, but it only sees the monitor as a Generic P & P Monitor, so I get the picture squashed up in the middle of the screen. There doesn't seem to be a driver for the TV and nothing I try (uninstalling the monitor etc) will get it recognised as a TV.


      The TV is plugged into the VGA output of the laptop & I'm running it as an extended desktop.


      Funny thing is, it worked fine on Vista!


      Anyone got any bright ideas?