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    Driver Update Utility fails to install updates


      I recently updated to Windows 10, and discovered I was unable to run Minecraft. The crash links to this page Pixel Format Not Accelerated - Hopper. Attached is the output from DxDiag. I downloaded the Intel Driver Update Utility, and it finds:


      Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility-EXE Only)

      Installed version:

      Latest version:


      This is the only update it finds. I then download it, but when I attempt to install it says installation failed (image attached). I have attached the log files it gives me. I don't know if this is even the update I'm looking for, I just trusted the Update Utility to do all the work. If this is not the graphics driver I am looking for, I would appreciate a link to download the correct one. If any more system information would be useful, I am happy to help. I don't know how to proceed, some direction would be really helpful.




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          Update, the original problem is fixed. However, I am still unable to use the Update Utility to install "Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility-EXE Only)". I don't know if it is necessary for me to have this update, so unless I am told otherwise I plan to drop the issue completely.




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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi Pscioed,
            Your computer is older now. The Driver Utility tool might not recognize properly your computer. The latest drivers are available at Dell support website.
            If you updated the OS to Win10, Windows 10 update will provide with the latest drivers for your computer.
            Mike C

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              Hi there, new to this forum so apologies if I've missed the answer elsewhere but I have also been unable to successfully use the Intel Driver Update Utility to update my drivers.

              I have Win 10 64bit on a non branded machine I assembled a couple of years ago using an Intel B75 express chip-set (gigabyte b75m-d3h).


              The Utility advises me I have driver 10.0.10586.306 and the newest version is The package downloaded successfully, seems to install OK and requests a restart. on restart there is no change to the version number and the utility advises that the update has not been installed. There is a log (debug) file with the below information in it towards the end.

              Is there some way to work around this or am I unable to update this further for some reason?




              From debug file:

              DriverUpdateUI.exe Information: 0 : IDUU-Install: Starting installer

              DriverUpdateUI.exe Information: 0 : IDUU-Install: Beginning EXE install

              DriverUpdateUI.exe Information: 0 : IDUU-Install: Main process exit with ErrorCode = 3010

              DriverUpdateUI.exe Error: 0 : Failed to install for driverId https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24165/eng/setupchipset.exe

              DriverUpdateUI.exe Error: 0 : System.ArgumentException: Process with an Id of 8540 is not running.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hi Bsoup,
                On branded motherboards it is recommended to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer. The latest version of the chipset driver (INF) is according to Gigabyte website.
                Now, Windows10 update downloads and installs the latest drivers available for the system. I suggest you to open device manager, uninstall and delete the current INF driver then, restart the computer and run Windows10 update.
                Review if you are already using the latest BIOS of the motherboard.
                Mike C