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    Missing Intel Drivers Restoring 64-Bit Win10 from DELL T5400 to DELL T5810 using Acronis Universal Restore ...


      In trying to move a completely functional 64-Bit Win 10 Pro OS (Upgraded from 64-Bit Win 7 Pro, last year) from one DELL (Precision T5400) to another (Precision T5810) ... Acronis Universal Restore consistently can't locate 3 'Intel' Drivers.  I've downloaded and extracted the contents all of the DELL Drivers listed on DELL's Support site for the 64-Bit Win 10 OS and T5810 System in question and even received from DELL the entire *.CAB file of ALL Drivers they use to deploy this same HW, yet the process of restoring the backup to this new HW keeps identifying 3 Missing Drivers.  Subsequently, the system will not boot as it states “No Drive with an OS was detected.”


      The 3 Missing Drivers are always listed as:

      - ‘PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8D2D&SUBSYS_06171028&REV_05’ for ‘Windows 10’

      - ‘PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8D26&SUBSYS_06171028&REV_05’ for ‘Windows 10’

      - ‘PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8D31&SUBSYS_06171028&REV_05’ for ‘Windows 10’


      At best, I seem to have narrowed down that these are Intel Drivers of some sort, but even DELL is clueless as to exactly which drivers these actually represent (Chipset, Storage, USB 3.0, etc.).  Only place I've seen mention of any driver names that resemble the above, in any way, is inside a "C:\Windows\inf\mshdc.inf" file of the same 64-Bit Win 10 OS (on the T5400) but again, no mention of those 3 specific drivers.


      Hoping someone can shed some light on this and how best to proceed...