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    Can a bad Core i7 940 processor (or poor placement in socket) cause memory to be lost?


      I was running a DX58SO mobo with i7 940 processor and 6 GB DDR-3 RAM.  The Souh Bridge chip overheated because a tech knocked the heat sink off of the part.  The event may have damaged my RAM and/or my processor.


      I moved the processor and RAM to a P6T ASUS mobo (it was available).  The system runs but is unstable.  The BIOS reports 4087 Bytes of RAM.  I removed each of the three 2GB DMIMs 1 at a time (keeping the ones I used in slots A2 and B2 as indicated by the manual.  All combinations of DIMMs taken 2 at a time resulted in the BIOS seeing 2039 Bytes of RAM.  (I was trying to isolate a bad DIMM)


      I set the DRAM timing to 9 9 9 24 as indicated for the memory parts and the volts to 1.5V for the DRAM as indicated at the Mushkin site without any changes except the timings caused an overclock error.


      The only thing I have not been able to check is the processor.  Can a problem in the processor produce these memory symptoms?  Is there something else I should try?