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    Defrag registry?


      I have an Intel 160Gb SSD. I know that I shouldn't run a defragment on it, but is it OK to defrag the registry?

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          Probably not necessary to defrag the registry - but it is not the same as defragging the hard drive, so if you would feel better about doing it, I don't think it would hurt like doing a file system defrag.  The registry files (hives) are pretty small compared to the size of the operating system.  Let us know if it speeds things up

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            Does anyone else have an opinion on this topic? Not that I don't trust you Mister IT, I would just like to have a few more opinions.

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              I dont think it would wear the SSD like defraging would, But I dont think you would gain any performance from doing a registry defrag on a SSD.

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                If you are using a specific tool, take a look at the support forums (if one exists) of the tool and ask them

                there.  Let us know if you find an answer you are satisfied with, as I am sure someone will ask this again.

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                  Defragging the registry should be equivalent to writing a few MB to the disk, so it has no specific affect on your SSD.  As to the value of doing this, like the other posters, I'm not sure.

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                    I posted a similar question weeks ago and got all kinds of flack from the transistor heads, I use a program called Registry Mechanic and been using it for years . I contacted PC Tools the Mfg. And they said it was safe to defrag. the registry, just not the SSD.