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    How to enable RS-485 interface on DK300


      1. Open the DK300 box and change the internal ribbon cable from COM1 to COM2 header.

      2. To connect the USB-Serial cable from DK300 to laptop use USB-Serial cable FTDI USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT . A  termination need to add on RS485 line.

      3. Run putty on laptop.

      4. Boot the DK300 and type below commands on IDP/DK300 and run following command in terminal.

          # stty -F /dev/ttySx 9600 -parity cs8 -cstopb (ttySx need to be changed according to the port number)

          # echo hello > /dev/ttySx

      5. The "hello" message will be shown on putty of your laptop.