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    My Intel i7-2630QM Laptop is Malfunctioning



      My Laptop is malfunctioning. It can't balance the fan use that's on the CPU.

      What's happening: When I use my laptop normally, at a Max CPU usage set to 50% or lower, the fan kicks on everytime as soon as the CPU temperature is reaching 70 C, and goes quiet again when it hits roughly 60 C on at least one of the 4 cores.

      However, when I increase the Max CPU usage to anything above 50%, the voltage is higher (I measure using HWINFO), from 0.7-0.8V to 1.2V, and it runs just fine. But, the fan doesn't kick on as it does at a lower CPU Max %, and so as a result, it goes all the way up to 90 C, even hit 100 C once, and obviously it just shut down to prevent any damage to the CPU.


      i7-2630QM 4 core 8 threads

      GT 540M

      4 GB DDR3

      Windows 10 64 Bit (not activated)

      Laptop Model # Packard Bell EasyNote TS11-HR-658NCD



      I've tried flashing BIOS from 1.1 to 1.21, no success solving this problem. I haven't tried anything else yet.