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    Best configuration for NUC5I7RYH and 2 Dell U2713HM Monitors where Display Ports in use



      I am looking at the NUC5I7RYH, and planning to use this with dual Dell U2713HM Monitors.

      I have an existing Mac set up using the display ports on these displays.

      Can anyone advise what the best option would be for me to hook the NUC5I7RYH into this existing setup?

      I have the following ports available on each monitor - HDMI, DVI and VGA.

      I've been looking at the possibility of hooking the HDMI port on the NUC to the HDMI port on one monitor, and then using an active Mdp to HDMI adapter to link the Mdp on the NUC to the HDMI port on the other monitor.

      The other option I've started to look at is display port KVM switch (Aten CS782DP or similar).

      So just wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to proceed with this in a way that will 1) work and 2) minimise any potential issues.

      Many thanks