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    Issues using configure_edison --flashFile


      I have an image that I can successfully use to flash my Edison using flashall.bat or flashall.sh.


      However, if I try to use the same image to flash the Edison using:

      configure_edison --flashFile.zip Edison.zip


      Then when the Edison reboots I see this error:

      Unable to read file ota_update.scr


      This file is definitely present in the zip - and I can see it being extracted when configure_edison runs.


      Two other pieces of information that may be relevant:


      1. Whenever the Edison reboots, Windows always prompts me to format the drive, even if it was previously formatted.

      2. When the Edison reboots after using flashall.bat, I see these messages in the console:


      [   19.302554] sh[237]: fdisk: WARNING: rereading partition table failed, kernel still uses old table: Invalid argument

      [   19.359424] sh[237]: Formatting update partition Step 1 : Success

      [   19.417707] sh[237]: Formatting update partition Step 2 : Success

      [   19.461765] sh[237]: mkfs.vfat 2.11 (12 Mar 2005)

      [   19.508770] sh[237]: Loop device does not match a floppy size, using default hd params


      These lead me to suspect there may be an issue with the update partition on the Edison...


      Can anyone suggest how I might get the configure_edison --flashFile script to work?



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