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    Cpu upgrade?


      Howdy all,


      Looking at upgrading my ageing cpu and have these 2 to choose from for a strictly gaming machine at 1440p resolution with browsing/youtube aswell of course - i7 6700k or i7 6800k?


      Any and all opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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          Al Hill

          You can compare both of those processors here:  ARK | Compare Intel® Products


          There are many possibilities from which to choose.   My approach would be to select a new/current motherboard that has the features you want and supports those processors in the board's socket and BIOS.


          As you can see from the comparison, those processors support different sockets:  2011-v3 versus 1151


          Also, I would not expect any older boards to support those processors.  Investigate and choose your motherboard carefully,


          Also, I would consider an add-on graphics card and not use any onboard graphics since you want to use the machine for gaming.


          Once you know the board you want, then you can select the processor, memory, graphics environment (SLI or Crossfire, which means NVidia or AMD/ATI based cards).  Be sure to select an appropriate power supply and cooling for such a machine.


          You may want to use the ARK | Processor Feature Filter to help in selecting a processor for a specific socket.  In all cases, you must make certain that the motherboard manufacturer's BIOS supports the processor.  This also means that the board should have the appropriate BIOS prior to installing the processor.


          Good luck with the build.



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            Intel Corporation
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            Excellent information @Al Hill, thank you for the feedback.