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    How to enable and setup for Port Forwarding MI3.1


      To setup port forwarding on your system, below are the description to enable it by using terminal.

      In this page, we give you example for setting up port forwading for ssh.

      You can configure your port forwarding by adding config in file "/etc/config/firewall".


      Here we provide sample of port forwarding for ssh. Here we try to do port forwarding ssh port from 22000 to port 22.


      You can append below line in the file "/etc/config/firewall"


      config redirect
      option target 'DNAT'
      option src 'wan'
      option dest 'lan'
      option proto 'tcp udp'
      option src_dport '22000'
      option dest_port '22'
      option name 'ssh_forward'
      option dest_ip ''


      After append it to that file, you need to restart the firewall service. Use the command below to restart firewall service


      $ systemctl restart firewall



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