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    What is the best way to atomatically monitor P3600 health in VMware




      what is the best method to configure automatic health check monitoring and alerting for P3600 SSDs working under VMware vSphere (6.0).


      To be precise - i want to receive an email to dedicated email account when something wrong was going on with my P3600 working under vSphere.


      I presume that P3600 as Datacenter class product should have some methods of constant monitoring health and prediction of failures ?


      This is extremely important as PCIe SSDs cannot be in any redundant config under VMware so its really single point of failure.

      (besides of course host redundancy but i'am speaking as SMB where host redundancy was quite rare at least in my region, and Intel P3600 price/performance tag are incredibly tempting)


      Are there any plugin to vcenter ? Maybe some way to configure via vmware alerts ? What about toolbox ?



      Please do not give advices that requires most expensive VMware Enterprise licenses - as i mention before we are SMB so VMware Essentials/Essentials Plus was our main area of interest.


      thanks in advance for any solution at reasonable price ;-)