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    Hailing you from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a NUC6i3***!


      Day three with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as a desktop on my Magic Box Solutions Pico i3: I switched from a wireless keyboard and mouse to an awesome Logitech G G810 keyboard and G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse. I added all the weights to the bottom of the mouse and now I really enjoy the feel of a nice heavy mouse again. Anyway, the wireless mouse was too far away from the base I think and it made movement hitchy. I've got pretty much all the desktop apps I need, and I even have Steam and Minecraft. I'm so happy with it, I'm itching for a 4th monitor on my desk now so my two systems can have two monitors each. #dork #linux #ubuntu #smallthingsthatrock


      Pros:  So far, everything is running fairly smoothly.  I haven't tried dual monitors yet.  HDMI audio has worked fine, USB headphones when plugged in worked fine, regular headphones when plugged in worked fine.  I can print.  All of the apps I feel I need are working fine.  With a wired keyboard and mouse I feel like the responsiveness is good.  The hardware behaves, I haven't seen anything goofy.  Wireless works, wired works.


      Cons: There's some glitchy graphics issues with Slack, but that's probably just Slack.


      *posted from my Core i3 Pico (the magic box name for their nuc)