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    Problems with USB 3.0 Port (always connect and disconnect)




      first of all - sorry for the bad english!


      i have got a Problem with my compute stick (STK1AW32SC) - newest BIOS (0024) and newest Drivers, Windows 10 32 bit.


      if i connect my external HDD (WD Elements 2,5" 1TB with USB 3.0 Support) to the USB 3.0 Port of the compute stick i hear the "device connected" Sound, after 1 oder 2 seconds i hear the Sound "device disconnected". This goes a many times and after that Windows Show me the error message " ... Problem with USB Device ..."


      First i think the USB 3.0 Port from the Stick delivers to less power for the HDD but at the USB 2.0 Port the HDD runs fine!

      And Intel write at the technical Information, that the 3.0 Port delivers MORE power than 2.0 Port.

      So this is no power Problem.


      If i connect a Kingston USB 3.0 Flash Drive (32GB) to the 3.0 Port auf the compute stick the same Problem (i have got with the HDD) apperas.

      And again, at the 2.0 Port the Kingston Drive works fine.


      So i think this is a USB 3.0 Driver/Controller Problem or a Hardware malfunction?!


      greetings from germany