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    custom resolutions not working Skull Canyon NUC


      In Windows 10 64-bit. My NUC is attached to a Panasonic Plasma.  Default 1920 X 1080 overscans so much that much of the desktop is off the screen.  On my Nvidia powered PC, the 1080P Plasma is set to 1804 X 1014.  I set up this custom resolution in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel (along with a couple other guestimates).  When I "add" a custom resolution, the TV blanks out for a few seconds, then comes back and the resolution is SHOWN under "Custom Resolutions List." but I cannot activate any custom resolution that is listed!  Why not?  How do I do that?  They are there but they are not selectable / clickable.


      In the Windows Display Manager, NO resolution besides 1920 X 1080 is available. I have never heard of this.  Every other computer and installation allows me to select multiple other resolutions (I thought I might fine my custom rez there).


      Also, why am I getting a warning that a custom resolution with REDUCE stability, CAUSE COMPONENT FAILURE, cause HEAT AND DAMAGE, affect DATA INTEGRITY?  I'm NOT overclocking.  Why is this only a problem with Intel?  nVidia and AMD give no such warnings. 


      Thank you.