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      I recently built an htpc for my new lg 55in lcd tv. Base board is Intel dg45id  with Intel Celeron E3200 4gb Corsair 800 ram using onboard video through HDMI output. Other than 4 1tb hard drives nothing else is installed and all expansions slots are empty.After initial boot everything works as it should with no problems. After the computer sits idle  for about a half hour  is when the problems start to occur. If I try to open windows media center the system hangs and I have to use ctrl alt del to exit the program , same thing with winamp or just media player, vlc its all the same result. My reg programs like windows mail and other things not media or sound  related work fine. I flased the bios first thing when I built as well as updated all drivers through intels auto update feature on the webpage. It shows that all my drivers are current. I thought it may have been a power save issue that was hibernating my pc and the drivers were not recovering upon exiting hibernation. I turned all power save options off in windows and in the bios. Still have the problem!   When I restart the computer evrything works as it should untill it sits idle which makes me believe that the drivers are crashing and not recovering but the question is WHY !


      Any help would be great. Thanks in advance