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    nuc6i5syh will not power on, no blink, no lights even if it is in recovery mode. What can I do?


      I just opened the nuc6i6syh put inside 32gb (2x8) memory hyperx, HS ssd 512 samsung 850 pro, then I switched on and updated the bios from 0042 to 0044 by usb key.

      Then I customized the bios and tried to  boot from a bootable usb. Then the system it did not boot. I pressed the power button for a while and the nuc switched off.

      From now it was impossible to power on again the nuc.

      I checked with a tester the voltage and it is ok.

      I removed all components, I changed the jumper  to delete cmos and to recovery bios, nothing.

      I pressed the power on for a while, 20 seconds or more, nothing.

      It seems died. I received the nuc  today, before return it back to the shop, I would like to know if I can do something to wake up the nuc.