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    Unable to update BIOS on NUC6i5SYH (latest Ubuntu)


      OS: Linux NUC 4.2.0-30-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 26 00:58:07 UTC 2016
                    x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux




      I am not able to update the bios.


      1. 1. I have tried the online update from setup and get the message: "Failed to retrieve product catalog"


      1. 2.I have tried the "F7" method with SY0044.bio on a flash drive. The
        system sees my flash drive, lets me select the .bio file and then goes blank.
        The red power light flashes red. I can restart the system by using the power
        button and it reboots into the old bios.


      1. 3. I have tried the IFLASH method using a dos boot flash drive with
        SY0044.bio installed and get exactly the same results as above.

      Am I using the wrong BIOS?


      Thanks in advance for any help.