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    C236: Cannot install Windows 10 Pro on RSTe volume


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to install Windows 10 Pro (setup USB thumb drive created yesterday with Microsoft's Media Creation Tool) on a MBR disk that is managed by RSTe.


      UEFI settings:

      - Fast Boot: Disabled

      - Secure Boot: Disabled

      - CSM: Enabled

      - CSM Options: Everything to "Legacy Only"


      The RSTe volume (RAID 0) consists of four drives and has a size of about 1,788 GB.


      When starting the Windows 10 setup I get to the partition selection and a drive with the correct size of 1,788 GB is displayed - however:


      - A notification says that Windows cannot be installed on that device and I should check the BIOS boot settings (although the RSTe volume is selected as the first boot option)

      - Just for testing purposes: If I try to create a partition an error message is displayed "A new partition could not be created (Error: 0x80070017)"

      - If I try to manually load the latest RSTe driver an error message says that no signed drivers were found


      The same happens if I try to install Windows 10 on an individual SSD while die PCH Storage is set to "RAID". If I change it to "AHCI" (everything else is unchanged) the Windows setup can be continued normally.


      - Motherboard: ASUS P10S WS, latest UEFI (0505) installed, C236 chipset

      - CPU: E3-1275 v5

      - 64 GB DDR4 ECC


      Nothing else connected right now


      Any ideas how to fix this? Is it because of the old RSTe driver dating back to May 2015? I wasn't able to find a newer one anywhere.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          I have checked your motherboard specifications and I noticed that you are currently running an Intel® server chipset. Based on the platform, I would recommend to contact your motherboard maker, in this case Asus support. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P10S-WS/HelpDesk/

          Try posting this inquiry at: https://vip.asus.com/forum/


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            Thank you for your response. Sadly the ASUS "Workstation" support hasn't been able to help me with various issues so far. Their "VIP Forums" are a joke; to create a topic you have to select the specific motherboard model from a drop-down list and half of their range is not on there (i.e. the P10S WS).


            Regarding this topic the first response was that they maybe try to try to install Windows 10 but they surely expected everything to work fine.


            I could figure this one out myself over the weekend:


            1) Create a Windows 10 Pro ISO file with Microsoft's Media Creation Tool.

            2) Use "NTLite" (seemed to be the easiest graphical way) to open that ISO file and add the RSTe driver (Version, dated May 21st, 2015) to it.

            3) Create a new ISO and flash it to a thumb drive


            Now, the Windows 10 Setup can handle a RSTe volume as a destination for Windows. The various error messages (check BIOS etc.) were only an artefact of Windows not handling the SATA RAID controller properly with Microsoft's generic Intel SATA driver.


            But one questions remains: Why does Windows reject the manual adding of the same driver during a Vanilla Windows 10 Setup (error message "No signed drivers found")? The driver is WHQL-certified and to my knowledge there is no newer one publicly available anywhere.


            Any news on that? The past twelve months have seen a couple of "normal" RST updates but nothing regarding RSTe.


            To whole ordeal showed me that ASUS not once during their testing phases bothered to install Windows 10 on that workstation motherboard model while its SATA controller was in RAID mode - and yes, Windows 10 is officially supported.