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    DX58SO electrical noise w. QPI Power Management enabled




      Intel DX58SO, BIOS SOX5810J.86A.4598.2009.1211.1321,12/11/2009

      I7 920 (Stock Clock)

      CoolerMaster V8

      6GB Mushkin DDR3-1600 @ XMS-1600 Profile

      Intel Matrix RAID-0 (2 Hitachi 500 GB)

      Pioneer DVR-216D DVD-R/RW

      XFX ATI 4890 HD Video Card

      Antec 900-2 Case

      OCZ 1000W PSU

      Windows 7



      Audible electrical noise (squealing & chirping-like sound that throttles with load - similar to capacitor or inductor type noises)

      is heard from motherboard when QPI Power Management in enabled in BIOS.  This noise is loud enough to be heard over

      the Antec 900-2's 4 large case fans and the ATI 4890 HD GPU Fan.


      Noise disappears when QPI P.M. is disabled.



      Desired Resolution:


      To enable QPI P.M. without noise.