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    IRST rebuild status


      I noticed on a recent reboot that one of the drives in my IRST RAID 5 array - 3 1.5 TB drives - had gone bad, with the status of the array shown as degraded.


      I replaced the bad drive - I had to use a 2 TB drive since none of my local vendors had 1.5 TB - and booted, and used Control-I to add the new drive to the array. The status showed Rebuild, and the message at the bottom of the screen said that the Rebuild would take place in the OS.


      It's been about 26 hours and, on last reboot, the status on the screen still showed as rebuild. I have no Intel utilities installed, and according to the Intel Driver Update utility, I am using generic Intel drivers. So I have no idea how far along the rebuild is and how much longer it will take. Since I can't match my driver to any in your downloads section, I don't know what software to install to check. Please advise.