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    linux e1000e compile error no member named 'dev'


      getting the below with 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 -  can compile  but it doesn't have the I219 in it which is the nic in the laptop we are trying to bring online

      I can compile 3.3.3 under the kernel - once I added some undeclared variables to kcompat.h - but don't know how to get around this error on the -

      And it has to be -  I can't use a newer kernel - due to other dependencies in our shop.


      In file included from /tmp/e1000e-3.3.3/src/e1000.h:32

                              from /tmp/e1000e-3.3.3/src/netdev.c:48

      /tmp/e1000e-3.3.3/src/kcompat.h: In function '_kc_napi_alloc_skb';

      /tmp/e1000e-3.3.3/src/kcompat.h:4601:error ;'struct napi_struct' has not member named 'dev'


      gcc is 4.3.2


      thank you

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